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Chronic pain relief

Chronic pain doesn’t have to live with you forever. If you’ve been suffering with any long term pain, Fibromyalgia, M.E, C.F.S etc., then there is a way of getting rid of it.

Old pain is pain that’s no longer required or relevant, the pain switch is stuck ON. That sore shoulder that you’ve had for years, the sore back that you never think is going to improve. This doesn’t have to be the case however.

* You must check with your GP first that there is not a reason for having this pain… i.e a broken bone, infection, etc.

If there is no reason/ benefit for you having the pain, then I can help you. 

I’m trained in OldPain2Go, which is a process that allows your brain to remove the old programme of pain that is no longer needed. To switch the pain OFF.

Get in touch and book in a session with me now. It usually only takes just ONE session!