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All of the birthing books that you will read will emphasise the importance of relaxing during labour. Now, let’s be realistic ladies, relaxing is normally the last thing you can think about when those contractions start! Learning Hypnobirthing with me WILL make the world of difference to you and your baby, and it’s so easy to do.

Hypnobirthing teaches you that, in the absence of fear and tension, severe pain does not have to be an accompaniment of labour. The more relaxed your mind is, the more relaxed your muscles become, decreasing the pain. It is possible to not feel any pain at all.  You will gain an understanding of how the birthing muscles work in perfect harmony, as they were designed to, when your body is sufficiently relaxed and you trust birth.

During your hypnotherapy sessions with me, you will learn how to achieve this kind of relaxation, free of the resistance that fear creates. You will learn to use your natural birthing instincts for a calm, serene and comfortable birth.  This means, when the time comes, you will automatically go into a relaxed state and be able to cope with everything your body and the baby needs you to. In this calm state, your body’s natural relaxant, endorphins, replaces the stress hormones that constrict and cause pain.

You will not be asleep or in a trance, just in a wonderful state of relaxation. You will still be aware of everything going on in and around you, but will feel serene enough to make your birthing partner very jealous!

Many women who have had a baby before develop a fear of childbirth, even if there were previously no birthing complications first time round. Hypnobirthing can alleviate any fears and encourage the mother to change her way of thinking and be excited about welcoming another child into the world.


Wow, who knew that I could have that  kind of experience! My first labour was awful from start to finish. With Katy’s help I learned how to keep calm and control my focus. My pain levels were barely over a 4 and I enjoyed watching my son enter the world in a way I never thought possible. If you have any doubts about hypnobirthing, don’t, just try it out! I am so pleased that I did. I just wish I’d know about it before I had my daughter. Thank you Katy.
M. Bell, Fife

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