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“I have just come to the end of 4 weekly sessions with Katy and she is amazing – I went in having tried Hypnotherapy before and having no change, but wow what a difference it makes having someone like Katy support you. She certainly knows her stuff and does it all in such a relaxed and informal way – always the best relaxation time. All I can say is, that if you feel something is holding you back then book a session or 4 with this lady- don’t put it off.”

R.Armstrong, Fife

“I’ve been working with this lady for the past few weeks to help with a pile of issues, and she’s honestly amazing. It’s like magic…Katy did you go to Hogwarts?!!😉😉
I’ve never felt so at peace or calm and that’s only after a few sessions. Go check out her out 💕”

C.Maitland, Fife

“I’ve seen Katy online now, twice and I am impressed. She is so calming and professional. The changes in my life are fantastic. I feel more in control and able to deal with my emotions. Sometimes I am waiting for the reaction I used to have but it never comes.

My husband has commented on how much more relaxed and calm I am during difficult situations too. We have a better relationship now as I am no longer snapping at him. I just feel so much more peaceful , it’s amazing.

I didn’t think it would work so well over the internet but it did. If anyone has any doubts about hypnotherapy, give Katy a try and you’ll not be disappointed. It’s not scary at all 🙂
So thank you Katy and I’ll be passing your details around at work, I promise x”

K.F, Surrey

“Honestly, I didn’t think it would work. I’ve been in such a negative place for so long, I was prepared to try anything. Katy helped me get me life back. I now plan for my future and not dread it. I used to think about how long it would be until I can go back to bed, from the moment I woke up! Now I’m excited to see what each day brings. I’ve even started dating again, as I’m happier within myself and now am prepared to share happiness with someone else. Thanks for bringing the sunshine back out of me Katy.”

C, Dalgety Bay

“I did the anxiety relief package and it’s the best thing I’ve ever spent my money on. God knows where I would be if I hadn’t actually contacted you. Even after the first session I felt a huge change in the way I was thinking about stuff. My thoughts are now on building a great future for me and my duaghter. I cannot thank you enough Katy. Thank you so much <3”

P, Rosyth

“I went in to sessions with Katy as a complete sceptic and didn’t really think I could be helped. Well, I am amazed by the difference she has made to me. My head is now clear and I feel so much happier. I didn’t actually realise how unhappy I was until I wasn’t anymore. The sessions are great and relaxing. It was nice to have some time to myself to enjoy them too! Thank you Katy, I have already told all my friends to come and see you. 5 star rating from me”

Peter F, Dunfermline

“Amazing experience, it has truly helped no end. I was extremely nervous when I first saw Katy for hypnotherapy to help me stop smoking but she is very patient and soon put me to ease. Since that session Katy has also helped me deal with anxiety, stress and depression, helping me relax and put everything into perspective. I would highly recommend Katy Stevenson’s Hypnotherapy service. Don’t worry about being nervous, I was too at first, but Katy is very honest and will put your mind at rest. If in any doubt, give her a call, she will explain everything, that’s what I did.”

Emma S – Fife

“I had a hypnotherapy session with Katy over a year ago to address my fear of heights. It was so restrictive that it stopped me from living my life to the fullest, and also affected my children as I would be so panicked at the thought of them at a height, so they were starting to pick my fear up too.
I wasn’t really sure what the session would involve or how it would help my fear. Katy made me feel relaxed and at ease from the minute I walked through the door. I can’t remember much from the session as I was in such a state of deep relaxation, but what I do remember is an overwhelming feeling of peace, calm and love. I came away feeling relaxed and settled.
I didn’t get to see the results until a few months later. There was a particular rock that I always wanted to climb up on the Isle of Skye, but would always be paralysed with fear looking at it and wouldn’t let the kids go either. This time though, I didn’t get that fear! I started to climb it, expecting that feeling to come, but it never did. So imagine my delight when I got to the top with my children in tow as well! Just amazing and utterly exhilarating.
Since then I’ve climbed a few hills and have felt totally at ease at the top, and have also let my children start bouldering classes (without ropes 😱). It’s given me so much more freedom, and I hope to do my first Munro next year.
Thank you so much Katy”
M.T, Dunfermline

“I originally got in touch with Katy for hypnotherapy to help with weight loss. During my first session, she helped me understand that it was my confidence levels that needed attention, not my weight!
She helped me relax, and taught me the importance of focusing on the more important things in my life as opposed to wasting valuable time worrying about issues that were out of my control. I found her incredible personality and outlook on life to be inspiring, and feel much more confident in myself these days.
To anyone debating whether or not to give hypnotherapy a try – you’re in very good hands with Katy, and you won’t be disappointed”
L.Barclay – Dunfermline

“I was very sceptical about how hypnotherapy could help me. Katy made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Within the hour, my confidence had improved immensely and I am a much happier person already. Thank you so much!”
M – Dunfermline

“After a few sessions, my extreme fear of spiders has improved immensely. I no longer run out of rooms screaming!!! I feel like I’ve gained control of my life again.”
J – Perth

“I have been seeing Katy regularly to help with my chronic pain. I find it alleviates it for a good wee while and I really enjoy the sessions. I always look forward to seeing her, as she is bubbly yet professional and extremely calming. Thanks Katy”
I – Fife


“I met Katy very late into my second pregnancy.  After a fairly traumatic labour and emergency C-section with my first child, I wanted to try for a natural delivery – but I wasn’t 100% convinced that I could manage it, and was very frightened that I would panic during labour. With only a few weeks left before my due date, I didn’t have enough time to do a full hypnobirthing course, but Katy assured me that even a couple of sessions of hypnotherapy would be very helpful.
After my sessions with Katy, I felt confident enough to cancel an elective C-section with my consultant, and wait for everything to happen naturally. When I eventually did go into labour, I felt totally calm and in control – at one point I was even singing along to the radio in the delivery suite!  The positive affirmations Katy had given me during our sessions worked brilliantly for me; I was able to breathe deeply, think clearly, listen to everything the midwife was saying, and stay focussed right the way through the process.  I used gas and air and TENS for the majority of my labour, and only needed further pain relief towards the very end.  It couldn’t have been a more different experience to the birth of my first child, and so I would completely recommend Katy to all mums-to-be; the difference her help and positivity made to my birth experience was simply phenomenal.”
Lisa, Dunfermline

“At my first session, I was so terrified of giving birth again I cried when I thought about it or tried to talk about it. I planned to have an epidural for the delivery, but wanted hpnobirthing to help me to overcome my fears and cope with the pain of early labour.
After my sessions with Katy I felt happy and relaxed when labour began, and was able to cope with early labour without any issues. In fact, I delivered my little girl without pain relief! I would wholeheartedly recommend hypnobirthing.”
P.Shutt – Edinburgh

“I wanted to face childbirth with excitement and not dread. You made that happen. I’ve been recommending you to all my pregnant friends. I can’t thank you enough.”
S – Edinburgh

I had a few hypnotherapy sessions when I was pregnant to help me cope with labour. Katy was excellent and really took the time to understand my fears and where I needed help relaxing and coping. I found the sessions very relaxing and when it came to labour, I felt more prepared and was able to stay calm and cope. I would definitely recommend Katy’s hypnobirthing sessions.
Louise – Dunfermline



  1. Audrey Scott Audrey Scott

    Attended an open meeting with Katy and found her talk very inspiring and beneficial. She is a very friendly and approachable person who explains things in a very understanding way. Already trying her suggestions and how to look at things. Was very comforting to know that there are so many others who have same problems.

    • Katy Katy

      Thanks Audrey, I’m so pleased you got a lot out of the Mindfulness Event and you are implementing the changes into your daily life.
      All the best, Katy

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